1. To be a one-stop provider of personalised professional services to help foreigners investigate establishing homes, businesses or investments in Portugal.

  2. To support our clients from first contact through the process in their home country via our International network of client liaison officers.

  3. To help people through the NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) procedure or Golden Visa procedure

  4. To offer our clients a wide variety of rated, specialised Partner Businesses in Portugal and in home countries to manage the process for them.

  5. To win customer trust by meeting the full spectrum of our clients’ needs, in their native language, through to completion of the process.


  • Trust

  • Expertise

  • Transparency

  • Commitment

  • Ethics

  • Customer Centric


We provide personalised professional services to help foreigners establish their home or business in Portugal. When relevant we refer our clients to a variety of rated and specialised businesses and manage the process for them. Contact us at info@advantageportugal.com if you wish to be included in our network of specialised businesses working with us.

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