Real Estate Procurement

Finding a property is an early step when considering moving to or establishing a business in Portugal, either for purchase or rental.

Our Property Finding Services help make the right choice in a time-efficient way.

Legal and Fiscal Advice

For your Non Habitual Residents or Golden Visa applications, transactions and investments, you will need professional services from reliable specialists.

Our recommended lawyers, tax experts and Business Partners will give you the best advice tailored to your specific situation and objectives.

Financial Planning

Our network of recommended financial advisors can help through your funding or mortgage decisions in Portugal, as well as wealth management.

Property Management Services

If you are an owner, Advantage Portugal can arrange the letting and management of your property for long term or short term lets.

Property Letting Services

  • Devise a marketing plan and appointing an agent

  • Find suitable tenant and negotiating the rent

  • Prepare a tenancy agreement and inventory

  • Assist or represent you in the contract signature

  • Arrange check in and check out as well as any related activities

Property Management Services

We provide all the property letting services plus the following:

  • Rent collection

  • Manage the water, gas, electricity and other utility contracts

  • Regularly inspect the property

  • Oversee any necessary maintenance (garden, pool, cleaning), repair and redecoration work

  • Represent you in Condominium issues and assemblies

  • Housekeeping: Looking after your home

    • Manage regular expenditures such as water, gas, electricity, other utilities and other contracts (Security, insurance, ..)

    • Regularly inspect the property

    • Oversee any necessary maintenance, repair and redecoration work

    • Staff management (cleaning, gardening, etc…)

    • Represent you in Condominium issues and assemblies

    Find out more about our on-demand services

    • Transportation (Logistics/transports, movers, car import & legalization, Drivers/Chauffeurs, ..)

    • Tech and communications (IT specialists in home & business computing and communications,…)

    • Staff (Caterers, cooks, domestic help, gardening, pet sitting, baby sitting, ..)

    • Building trades (decorators, architects, handymen,..)

    • Personal assistance (personal shoppers, secretarial support, personal trainers,..)

    • Social (clubs, activity and associations)

    • Language (Portuguese language teaches, translators , interpreters, …)

    • Well-Being (doctors, nurses, psychotherapist, masseurs, insurance brokers, ..)

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    Other Professional Services

    There is a wide range of services that you will need before and after moving or establishing your business, either one-off or ongoing. Advantage Portugal finds you specialised and rated professionals in the following areas:




    • Residential Services:
      • Logistics of Moving

      • Banks, Accountancy

      • Health and Insurance

      • Family and Education

      • Property Management

      • Housekeeping

      • Personal Assistance

      Business Services:
      • Recruiters, head hunters

      • Office admin and maintenance

      • Fiscal and legal support

      • Tech and Communications

      • Procurement

      • Networking

      Travel and Hosting Services:
      • Scouting Visit Preparation

      • Short term Property rental or Hotel booking facilitation

      • Car rental / drivers

      • Translators

      • Concierge services

      The members of Advantage Portugal’s professionals network are pre-selected and subject to continuous evaluation, including customer satisfaction surveys